Michelin launches new tyre academy

Michelin launches new tyre academy

Michelin has launched a new training academy to transform promising tyre fitters based at dealers across the UK and Ireland into the next generation of expert technicians.

Ten fitters from Michelin’s network of Certified Centres (MCCs) have been hand-picked to take part in the first course which includes a balance of theoretical and practical learning.

The students have already spent two days in the classroom and workshops at Michelin’s dedicated training centre, close to the manufacturer’s headquarters in Stoke-on-Trent.

The students will visit Michelin’s factory in Dundee to learn more about the technology that goes into the tyres synonymous with grip and long life, and understand the logistics of the production process which results in seven million new car tyres being made at the plant each year.

Later in the summer they will learn more about delivering the highest standards of customer service, and will be given the opportunity to quiz Michelin experts.

The course will culminate in September, when the students will get to test Michelin tyres for themselves at a track day at Silverstone.

Michelin Professionals Academy Course Leader, Tom Dixon, said: “As a business we work hard to produce the highest quality product, but only through providing excellent standards of customer service will the potential of our products truly be realised.

“Our network of Michelin Certified Centres all undergo a thorough independent audit so we know they follow best practice, and we provide tailored support to each of them so they can grow their businesses.

“This year we have decided to extend that support further by providing a specialist course for the most promising fitters which we believe will really help them quickly develop their skills, grow in confidence and ultimately provide the highest levels of customer care.”

He added: “Our ultimate aim is always to ensure drivers are given sufficient information so they can make an informed choice about the tyres they buy.”

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