Laser Tools launches screwdriver set

Laser Tools launches screwdriver set

Laser Tools has released a Compact Ratchet Screwdriver Set, which includes a range of features designed to make tasks easier.

The set includes a screwdriver featuring a 60-teeth ratchet mechanism with reverse, lock, and forward modes. It’s also built to handle a max torque load of 30Nm and the handle features a thermoplastic rubber soft grip, designed for comfort during extended use.

The driver includes a magnetic bit holder that’s compatible with any standard 1/4″ shank screwdriver bits.

Eight colour-coded interchangeable bits are also included, such as Phillips bits (Ph1, Ph2), flat blade bits (3mm, 6mm), hex bits (4mm, 5mm), and Torx® bits (T20, T25) for those Torx fixings. There is also a 4mm precision bit holder and a 1/4”D socket adaptor as well.

The screwdriver has in-handle bit storage which is spring-loaded for quick access and everything comes packaged in an aluminium storage case.

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