Hella launches mega macs ONE

Hella launches mega macs ONE

Hella Gutmann Solutions (HGS) has launched mega macs ONE, a system which transforms a tablet with Android 6.0 or higher and minimum 7-inch screen, into a fully-fledged diagnostic tool.

After concluding the licence agreement, technicians will receive the Bluetooth VCI, which mega macs ONE uses to communicate with the vehicle. Once the software has been installed on the tablet, technicians can use it on an unlimited basis.

All the basic diagnostic functions available on the mega macs ONE are equivalent to those provided by the mega macs devices. These range from displaying the OBD socket location in the vehicle, to reading/deleting trouble codes, Global scan, resetting service indicators, parameter depictions (up to 16 at the same time), basic settings and adaptions, coding and actuator tests. The diagnostic results can be printed out or emailed to customers as a PDF document.

For rapid vehicle selection, VIN-based identification is also available. Click once to see the OBD socket location and, if the global check option is selected, the system will automatically scan all the existing ECUs. Users will also be able to toggle between several functions at any time when diagnostics is in progress without having to repeat the selection.

mega macs ONE also offers up to date customisation options, such as landscape and portrait screen mode, changing both alarm duration when leaving the VCI wireless range and recording duration of measured parameter values. As is the case with HGS’s conventional mega macs diagnostic devices, technicians also have the option of regular updates and services for mega macs ONE and contacting the HGS technical help line for assistance with diagnostic tasks.

Hella launches mega macs ONE

Services at a glance

  • Wireless communication with the vehicle
  • Vehicle selection via VIN identification
  • Graphic display of diagnostic connection
  • Reading/deleting trouble codes and a global check of more than 40 vehicle makes and 48,000+ vehicle models
  • Explanation of trouble codes with detailed information and descriptions
  • Full parameter depiction with graphics and explanation
  • Actuator tests, coding, basic settings
  • Service resets including condition based and long life resets
  • Diagnostic results sent as PDF via email
  • Flexible views (landscape and portrait format)
  • Car history for results recall

For more information, call the sales team on 01295 662402 or visit www.hella-gutmann.co.uk.

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