Hats on 4 Ben

Hats on 4 Ben

Hats on 4 Ben is taking place on 10th October 2018, World Mental Health Day.

The idea is simple, everyone in the automotive industry wears a hat to work on 10th October and donates £2 to Ben to help keep its life-changing work running.

With your support, and the support of the rest of the automotive community, we can transform mental health support across the industry.

Every £2 donated will go back into providing the relevant help and support for those who work in the industry and their family dependents.

Mental health issues can impact anyone at any time, with 1 in 4 people affected each year.

Ben has seen a big increase in automotive industry people asking for help with their mental health each year so is focusing on raising awareness and support to help those who are struggling.

To find out more about Hats on 4 Ben, click here. 

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