GSF CEO: Skills gap is an “artificial straitjacket” for garages

GSF CEO: Skills gap is an “artificial straitjacket” for garages

Following on from the latest episode of the PMM Podcast on the issue, The Skills Crisis: Is Money the Answer?, the CEO of GSF Car Parts, Steve Horne, has issued a dire warning for the UK aftermarket that the skills gap is a “timebomb”. He is calling on the future government is deal with the issue as a priority. 

In today’s intervention, which comes ahead of a major industry trade event, Horne argues: “The skills gap currently facing the sector is a huge ticking timebomb – and it only seems to be getting wider and wider. This is incredibly painful for garages that are successfully winning work and looking to grow.

The CEO, whose CV includes stints at a range of automotive companies, including Euro Car Parts, continues: “The skills gap is a straitjacket around the growth ambitions of the entire sector. GSF Car Parts is recruiting heavily and adding a huge range of skilled jobs. But finding people is a real challenge for the sector, and there is no sign that this will let up any time soon.

“As a company, we want to grow too: we have invested millions in scaling our business and driving growth, but our success depends on our customers being able to thrive. And for that, they need skilled technicians in big numbers.”

Horne also adds that the skills gap could have a detrimental impact on UK consumers, reducing choice, competition and ultimately driving up the costs of motoring when many are already feeling the pinch with the move to an EV future.

Horne’s intervention comes ahead of GSF’s TechFest Garage Technology Festival. Hosted in Wembley from 4pm today, the trade event will bring together the major suppliers from across the automotive industry to deliver critical updates on new technology and business opportunities to support independent garages.

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