GCA urges sector to support industry talent

GCA urges sector to support industry talent

Glen Callum Associates (GCA) has urged the automotive sector not to lose the industry talent in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

In a key message to the trade, GCA Director, Glen Shepherd, said: “The threat of redundancies looms large across the UK and we’re urging businesses in automotive, engineering and industrial sectors not to lose the expertise that’s currently in the market.

“It’s important to note some of the similarities between now and the financial crisis in 2008. Then, there were large-scale cutbacks but a quick recovery, similar to what we are seeing now in some sectors. This meant however, that companies lost access to people when they needed them most.

“In all the webinars I have attended, it’s clear that, while we are undoubtedly seeing work patterns change, it is effective people that will propel businesses forward.”

The recruitment specialist has reportedly been working round the clock to support companies with their recruitment strategy, as part of a wider plan to help businesses emerge from the pandemic in the best shape possible.

Glen added: “Companies need to work with recruiters even if they aren’t recruiting. Recruitment shouldn’t be knee-jerk, especially in the current situation. With 22 years’ experience in specialist recruitment, it’s essential the team at GCA has the skills, knowledge and expertise to provide solutions to businesses for the long term.”

For more information on GCA, visit www.glencallum.co.uk.

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