Gates tackles belt diagnosis with new App

Gates tackles belt diagnosis with new App

Gates has launched a new app that aims to provide a new approach to multi-ribbed belt wear diagnostics.

The Gates PIC (Parts Image Capture) Gauge, available to all smartphone users, has been designed to be used by professional technicians to more accurately diagnose multi-ribbed belt wear.

As EPDM belts age, they gradually lose rubber. The material loss results in weakened belt performance. If a multi-ribbed belt fails, it could damage other accessory belt drive components.

According to Gates, The PIC Gauge App will aid mechanics in quickly determining whether to keep or replace the belt. The innovation should keep breakdown costs down, whilst reducing the potential of a dangerous situation for a motorist.

PIC Gauge uses patent-pending digital imaging technology and industry-standard specifications to determine the amount of material loss of the belt. The results are immediate and can be stored and retrieved for future reference.

The App uses a photograph taken with the smartphone’s built-in camera to determine the degree of rib wear on an accessory belt. The material loss is analysed before it responds with three recommendations: within specification, wear detected or replace belt.

One in five vehicles on the road needs a new multi-ribbed belt. Accurate detection of belt wear can lead to better replacement recommendations, satisfied customers and increased sales.

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