Garages attitude to websites hampering growth

Garages attitude to websites hampering growth

The founder of Garage Services Online has called for independent garages to stop viewing websites as online brochures.

Aftermarket website expert, Jim Lang, has said many garage owners also tend to think of websites as a form of advertising they don’t need.

He said: “We talk to lots of garage owners who feel a website will only serve to bring in even more work to their workshops; work that they don’t need.

“But websites have come a long way and, done properly, the role they play in a business can be game-changing.

“They’re effectively like an integral member of staff and absolutely vital for the profitability and long-term success of independent garages.”

Case studies show with a correctly optimised website, a garage has the power to be selective when it comes to choosing what work goes on its ramps.

Building a website that attracts the type of work a garage really wants, gives owners the confidence to say no to less desirable work. If a new customer enquires about a job that will hardly cover its costs, it makes perfect business sense to turn the work down in favour of something else, something profitable.

Watch how:

Jim continued: “There’ll always be loyal customers for whom you’ll have to take the low ticket work as part and parcel of looking after their vehicle. But that doesn’t mean it’s a strategy for every enquiry you get.

“It’s not how independent garages will make the profits they’re capable of.”

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