Easier alignment for UK drivers

Easier alignment for UK drivers

It’s now easier than ever for drivers to keep their fuel bills down and extend the life of their tyres through correct wheel alignment after the online portal, www.alignmycar.co.uk, announced the appointment of its 250th member.

AMS Tyres in Exeter, has become the latest workshop to join the portal which now has a national network of members spanning from Inverness down to Falmouth. Like AMS Tyres, all members are equipped with award-winning Hunter alignment equipment enabling them to deliver accurate and fast wheel alignment checks on most cars and vans.

“The addition of our 250th centre is a real milestone for the portal,” comments Kathryn Beaurain from AlignMyCar. “For so long, alignment has been overlooked by many motorists, but as this expansion demonstrates, many drivers are now waking up to the safety, cost and comfort benefits that a regular wheel alignment can bring.”

Indeed, AlignMyCar recommends that drivers have their alignment checked at least once a year, or every 12,000 – 15,000 miles, to ensure that all of the car’s wheels are properly aligned and geometry settings are within the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended settings.

Incorrect alignment is a common occurrence on many vehicles, with estimates suggesting that as many as nine in every ten cars suffers some form of misalignment. And for those cars experiencing misalignment, not only could the comfort, safety and driveability of the vehicle be reduced but the tyres will wear out quicker and fuel bills could be increased.

However, following a Hunter alignment check at any AlignMyCar centre, drivers will be presented with a results printout confirming that their car has been restored to its original settings, giving the best possible driving experience.

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