Diesel MOT Test Limit Changes

Diesel MOT Test Limit Changes

On 20th May 2018 the new Roadworthiness Directive will introduce new MOT emission limits for some diesel vehicles.

This includes the introduction of testing vehicles to the manufacturer’s plate value, when present, along with a new lower default limit for newer vehicles. Therefore, the examiner will be prompted to look for the plate value first, before using the default limits.

Plate value is the emission limit specified by the vehicle manufacturer and can be found on the vehicle manufacturer’s plate and normally outlined by a box (see image above). The box and value are identified by the red circle.

If the plate value is not available then the following default test limits should be used:

To enable testing to these new limits, Diesel smoke meters (DSMs) will need to be updated by the implementation date. The GEA and its members have been working with the DVSA to produce a list identifying which DSMs will be provided with the appropriate update.

For further information from the GEA, click here. 

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