Comline launches stabiliser link campaign

Comline launches stabiliser link campaign

Comline has launched a campaign which has been designed to highlight the intricate pieces of its stabiliser links.

Throughout 2021, Comline reportedly spoke of its desire to expand its steering & suspension range by a third. As 2022 gets underway, the company is keen to showcase not just an extended range but to support technicians with material that will help them understand the anatomy of the parts they’re fitting.

From lock nut and retaining ring to ball pin and dust cover, the stabiliser link is stripped down, with each detail explained and every single attribute covered.

Users with a smartphone will also be able to scan the QR code stamped onto the poster, which will transfer them into a world of Comline Augmented Reality (C.A.R). Within selected 3D renders, C.A.R lets users delve into ‘hotspots’, which provide details on the features of each part.

Comline Marketing & Communications Manager, Jo Emmerson, said: “The deconstructed breakdown of the stabiliser link highlights Comline’s product know-how. It’s a crucial component within the suspension set-up, so any support we can offer technicians when they’re faced with replacing these parts should be well-received.

“We hope technicians will pin this poster up in their workshop and remember Comline when considering their buying decision.”

Technicians can download The Anatomy of a Stabiliser Link here.

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