CitNOW reveals two thirds of UK drivers approve repair work remotely

CitNOW reveals two thirds of UK drivers approve repair work remotely

According to research conducted by CitNOW, nearly two thirds of UK drivers prefer to approve repair work remotely.

Convenience is said to be a priority for most drivers when dealing with workshops, with 65% of motorists preferring to approve repair work remotely, as services like personalised video reportedly continue to help build transparency into the customer journey.

CitNOW found that nearly a quarter (22%) of motorists give the green light for work online – either on a computer, smartphone or tablet – or via instant messaging.

The study follows CitNOW’s ‘Evolution of the Car Buyer’ report, which examined how car-buying and servicing habits could change in the near future.

As car owners’ preferences have developed, personalised video and remote approval has reportedly become a major player in the workshop customer journey.

CitNOW states that by providing motorists with a convenient and transparent service to swiftly see and approve necessary work, means the technology can reduce the time a car is on the ramp and increase the amount of work approved.

Nearly eight in 10 motorists (78%) will book in their car service remotely, with 45% preferring to ring them up, and a third (32%) booking in online on their smartphone, tablet, and computer or via instant messaging, the research revealed.

Ollie Parsons, Head of Sales and Client Services at CitNOW, commented: “With people so time-poor, building a convenient customer journey by helping people book or approve work remotely – whether over the phone or online – will reap the rewards.

“That convenience can’t come at the expense of trust or repair quality, which is why personalised video has been so successful in the sector, combining ease of use with transparency throughout the customer journey.

“Personalised video can put workshop customers at ease, reassuring them that repair work being carried out on their car is both necessary, and up to standard.”

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