Castrol launches MAGNATEC campaign

Castrol launches MAGNATEC campaign

Castrol has launched a multi-channel marketing campaign to raise consumer awareness of its range of MAGNATEC lubricants across the UK.

This campaign will run for three months and is aimed at promoting how MAGNATEC meets a significant breadth of OEM specifications, providing increased value and benefits to car owners, mechanics, distributors and independent workshops.

Castrol has created a specialised marketing toolkit to help distributors and workshops introduce and promote Castrol MAGNATEC to customers. The toolkit includes assets such as brochures and wallcharts to enhance mechanics’ ability to select the appropriate oil for specific engines, as well as email templates, posters, roll-up banners, stickers and other displays, all designed to raise customers’ awareness regarding the importance of protecting their vehicles from wear and tear.

A significant 15.7 million cars manufactured by mainstream OEMs across the UK, equivalent to 39.9% of the country’s car parc, can be serviced using five MAGNATEC products. By selecting MAGNATEC as their preferred lubricant, workshops can simplify their inventory management and ensure compatibility with a wide range of vehicles, including millions of Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Kia, Peugeot, Toyota and Vauxhall vehicles.

Castrol has designed a MAGNATEC ‘Case’ master image based on the company’s product packaging launched last year. This design uses 20% less plastic in its five-litre bottle. The marketing assets also showcase Castrol’s brand identity, including an updated logo.

The campaign highlights the added protection that Castrol MAGNATEC can provide to vehicles. Road congestion has increased dramatically over recent years, and a typical driver can stop and start up to 18,000 times a year+, a process that can cause wear and slowly damage a car’s engine. Castrol MAGNATEC features DUALOCK molecules that cling to critical engine parts and lock together, forming a force-field of protection that reduces both engine warm-up and stop-start wear by 50%++.

To learn more about the 2024 Castrol MAGNATEC marketing campaign, click here.

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