Blue Print training dates announced

Blue Print training dates announced

Blue Print has announced the dates for a series of technical training courses designed to help technicians with various products and systems. These training courses are being held at Pro Auto’s state-of-the-art facility in Atcham, Shrewsbury.

Hybrid Vehicle Operation & Maintenance
Next Course 24th-25th June

There is now a big opportunity for garages to learn and embrace Hybrid technology. The course is suitable for beginners and lasts for two days, providing participants with knowledge and hands on training which will allow them to work safely on a Hybrid system whilst carrying out servicing and repairs.
All participants who complete the two day course will gain an IMI approved qualification which meets requirements (QCF) QCA ID NO 500/7055/1.
Only £395 +VAT per person 

High speed CAN & LIN Networks
Next Course: 18th June 2014

CAN-Bus and LIN are used on all modern vehicles so understanding how the systems communicate and what to do when they go wrong is essential. The course which takes place over one day will help technicians to understand and diagnose CAN/LIN systems faults. This course which has been approved by some of the top technicians in the country will give you the confidence and knowledge to accurately diagnose a fault on a modern vehicle.
* Technicians will need to have an understanding of the basic electrical principles
Only £195 +VAT per person 

Emissions and Oxygen Sensing
Next Course: 17th June 2014

Modern emission control systems monitor the exhaust gas and control the fuelling to maintain maximum efficiency. The introduction of new technology has meant that the testing and diagnosis of these new systems has become increasingly more challenging. Many oxygen sensors cost hundreds of pounds and replacing them as a route to diagnosis could be a costly affair. Understanding how these systems work and how to accurately test these components could save both time and money. 
The course which takes place over one day investigates what’s behind these developments.
Only £195 +VAT per person 

To register your interest for any of these courses please visit:, alternatively please call Blue Print directly on 01743 762056

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