Autotech opens Electric Vehicle Training Suite

Autotech opens Electric Vehicle Training Suite

Autotech Training has announced the official opening of its dedicated Electric Vehicle Training Suite.

The opening is said to mark a significant step forward for the company, since it announced at the end of last year initiatives to drive up electric/hybrid vehicle training within the automotive industry.

Certified to deliver IMI Levels 1 to 4 Electric/Hybrid vehicle courses, the EV Training Suite has been purposely built within the Autotech Group’s Milton Keynes headquarters.

The EV Training Suite is reportedly the most substantial training investment made by the company to date.

Featuring an electric vehicle for hands-on learning, the EV Training Suite has been designed to support the automotive industry and the wider business community who are introducing EVs to their fleets, in readiness for the 2030 ban on petrol and diesel car sales.

Mandla Ndhlovu, Training Delivery Director for Autotech Training, said: “We are delighted to open our EV Training Suite. The percentage of vehicle technicians sufficiently trained to safely service electric/hybrid vehicles is nowhere near where it should be. So, not only do we hope the training suite will have a significant impact on up-skilling technicians, but the Level 1 IMI course will provide anyone working around electric/hybrid vehicles with a foundation level of awareness.

“All companies have a duty of care to ensure that ANY employee who comes into contact with an electric/hybrid vehicle has this basic level of understanding.”

Autotech opens Electric Vehicle Training Suite

Around 75,000 vehicle technicians will be needed to service the electric vehicle parc within the next few years, however the IMI has reportedly identified that just 5% of technicians currently working in garages and dealerships are EV trained.

Independent garages need to ensure that vehicle technicians are correctly trained to not only instil confidence within customers and secure repeat business, but to guarantee their safety, as they may be liable for any injuries. In addition, having a workforce with the ability to service electric/hybrid vehicles will open up a new revenue stream.

The EV Training Suite complements Autotech Training’s on-site EV training offering which can be delivered on the premises of any garage or business looking to equip their employees with the relevant knowledge, while keeping their time away from business to a minimum.

For a virtual tour of the EV Training Suite by Gavin White, please click here.

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