Autotech Group bolsters EV training offering

Autotech Group bolsters EV training offering

On World EV Day, Autotech Group has reinforced its pledge to ensure its contractor network, the automotive industry, and companies with EV fleets, are prepared for the ongoing electrification of vehicles. 

A global movement, World EV Day was created to celebrate the transition to sustainable transport. This year, the focus will be on asking businesses across the world how they are driving the change to support e-Mobility.

Safeguarding its contractor network, the wider automotive industry and any business electrifying its fleet, Autotech Training, a division of Autotech Group, announced a series of EV initiatives last year, following the Government’s ban on new petrol and diesel car sales by 2030.

This included the creation of a dedicated EV Training Suite, complete with an electric car for hands on learning, the delivery of EV courses on the premises of any garage or business, and a pledge to upskill its contractor network, enabling them to work safely on electric/hybrid vehicles while meeting growing demand for EV trained vehicle technicians.

The company has now announced an extension to its EV Training Suite, which will enable Autotech Training to teach IMI Level 4 Electric/Hybrid Vehicle courses, and the expansion of its team of trainers from four to 12.

It is hoped, the increased number of trainers will enable Autotech Training to facilitate rising demand for these courses and the company has also invested in four additional electric vehicles to aid this training.

Autotech Group bolsters EV training offering

At the end of 2020, Autotech Group also committed to training its entire network of temporary vehicle technicians under its recruitment division to IMI Level 3 Electric/Hybrid Vehicle certification, and temporary MOT Testers to Level 2 by the end of 2021.

To date, the company are said to be on track to achieve this objective amongst its network of 450 contractors. And, at the end of September, the first cohort of those qualified to IMI Level 3 will undertake IMI Level 4 Electric/Hybrid Vehicle training, making them fully compliant to work on high voltage vehicles and components.

Autotech Group’s CEO, Gavin White, commented: “We are committed to up-skilling and safeguarding both our contractors and the wider industry as the adoption of electric/hybrid vehicles increases.

“World EV Day signifies the growing transition to e-Mobility and how businesses are driving this change. For us, it is vital that awareness of the skills which are needed to work safely on, and alongside, these vehicles is widely recognised and taught. As a result, we are increasing our commitment to EV training, and are swiftly working towards our goal to see all contractors trained by the end of this year.”

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