Alignment training’s a ‘tracker’

Alignment training’s a ‘tracker’

One of the UK’s leading wheel alignment specialists – Supertracker – continues to place great emphasis on its training offering to technicians.

The company holds monthly training programmes at its specialised ‘wheel alignment centre’ in Southampton which is open to both Supertracker customers and any other company interested in learning more about modern alignment techniques and the theory.

It is also interesting to note that a growing number of tyre retailers have expressed an interest in using the company’s training concept to tailor their own in-house training sessions.

Supertracker’s UK Sales Manager and Principal Engineer, Jerry Barker was recently invited to ‘sit-in’ on a specialised advanced wheel alignment course delivered by one of the UK’s leading and most progressive tyre and automotive retailers.

The intensive day long course concentrated on explaining why wheel alignment isn’t just about the equipment being used but primarily concerns understanding the physics of the operation. The ultimate objective was to give the staff an initial basic understanding of modern wheel alignment.

Jerry stated: “In my opinion this session perfectly underlined how some of our most progressive thinking customers have really ‘taken on board’ the immense importance of wheel alignment training and adapted it to their own working environments to ensure their staff fully appreciate the safety aspect and profit potential of professional wheel alignment.”

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