“A Professional and Informative Experience”
“A Professional and Informative Experience”

“A Professional and Informative Experience”

Technicians have described one of the most recent LuK dry double clutch system courses as ‘absolutely fantastic’, following a number of professional presentations and demonstrations at the REPXPERT Academy in Hereford.

Schaeffler REPXPERT Alistair Mason welcomed a dozen members and delivered a thorough overview of LuK double clutch technology – operation, installation, diagnosis, tooling and replacement, using different LuK 2CT repair solutions. Feedback from the event was overwhelmingly positive, summed up by Northway Auto Services Managing Director, Richard Williams:

“It was absolutely fantastic!” he declared. “It was a professional and informative experience; Alistair kept things simple but explained technical practices to technical people.

“Without the course, we wouldn’t be able to work out certain fault codes, for example, so this means we’re now more confident in taking on double clutch work. It also means we will only order and fit LuK clutches.”

The number of REPXPERT users signing-up for live training is growing fast, whether it be at a REPXPERT Academy, or Alistair visiting technicians at their premises in one of the REPXPERT training vans.

Schaeffler urges technicians to get in touch, as spaces and schedules are being booked up quickly; the company is delighted that REPXPERT members are seeking support and accepting technical assistance.

Adding this advanced new skill to to their repertoire is rapidly becoming essential, as the number of double clutch-equipped vehicles increases.

REPXPERT members can get instant and free access to online and live training, installation videos, technical guides and Schaeffler product-related TecRMI data. They can also redeem bonus points found in all LuK, INA and FAG boxes against the complete library of TecRMI data, as well as promotional items from the bonus shop.

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