Ring unveils its work lamp range

Ring unveils its work lamp range

Every technician needs a reliable and durable work lamp to assist them in their day-to-day tasks and so Ring has curated its work lamp range, aiming to suit their every need in the workshop.

Along with a comprehensive tool set, every technician needs a work lamp that they can easily pick up and use at a moment’s notice. With nearly 50 years experience in the automotive aftermarket, Ring has developed a broad range of work lamps that claims to be of premium quality, hard-wearing and reliable.

Inspection lamps

Most of the company’s inspection lamps are under its MAGflex range that provides bright light. In common with hand tools, it’s important for a technician to have a range of work lamps, as many of them have different qualities, for example one might be magnetic, another could attach to the bonnet, another may be able to tilt 360 degrees.

Ring unveils its work lamp range

The MAGflex twist LED inspection lamp (RIL3600C) has a wide-angle light output of 450 lumens and 250 lumens on power save mode, making it ideal for technicians. Said to be lightweight, tough and with a 360˚ rotation and 180˚ ratcheting, it is perfect for directional lighting in the workshop with no compromise on light, as well as a magnet and integrated hook for hands free use.

Designed with versatility in mind, the MAGflex utility lamp (RIL3700C) combines dual, magnetic ratcheting bases with a 360˚ rotating body. This means that the lamp can either be used freestanding or hands-free, positioned in any number of ways to ensure that the workspace is properly illuminated. With 1,000 lumens output, the lamp can be used as a larger light or an under-bonnet light, as well it being using for closeup inspections.

Ring unveils its work lamp range

For a slim inspection lamp to get light into the narrowest spaces in the engine bay, look no further than the MAGflex slim (RIL3800C). It emits up to 250 lumens, with 6000K white light, for comfortable working conditions. Ideal for broad illumination as well as lighting up narrow gaps. It also features a torch function for a concentrated beam which is 125 lumens.

The MAGflex MAX500 (RIL6200) provides a crisp bright white light where it is needed the most. This smaller 500 lumen multi-angled inspection lamp is tested to IP65 and IK08 and operates for up to 7.5 hours from a single charge. For a slimmer and longer version of this lamp, look to the MAGflex SLIM500 (RIL6300).

Fast charge

If recharge speed is the main factor a technician is looking for, Ring has a range of fast charge inspection lamps. The MAGflex pro fast charge LED inspection lamp (RIL4200/REIL4200) can go from 0-100 per cent battery in just one hour. For a slim version of this, there’s the MAGflex slim fast Charge LED inspection lamp (RIL4300/REIL4300), with the same quick recharging time.

Wearable lamps

If a technician finds it easier to work with a head torch or neck light, the company also has a multitude of options available. The MAGflex HEADTORCH250 (RIL6400) is said to provide a crisp bright white light where it is needed the most. This 250 lumen headtorch, equipped with a motion sensor, is tested to IP54 and IK07 and operates for up to six hours from a single charge.

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(Image 4) Designed for close quarter work, the flat design of the flexible head torch (RIL0115) allows technicians to see even further into the engine bay, without any of the knocking or bumping that may happen with a protruding headtorch. The 115 lumens output is bright enough for clear illumination of a wide area and has an adjustable head strap.

Ring’s wearable neck light (RIL0265) is a versatile alternative to a head torch. With up to 265 lumen output and detachable magnetic torches, this multi-angled inspection lamp is tested to IP65 and IK07 standards and claims to operate for up to four and a half hours from a single charge.

Pocket lamps

There’s also the option for pocket lamps, that can be kept in a pocket and accessed instantly. The Ring RIL90 is a mini LED lamp that comes with a magnetic base for hands-free working and placement anywhere in the workshop with a 18 degree flexible base. It has a bright 140 lumen light output and comes supplied with AAA batteries.

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(Image 5) The Ring RIL91 is a rechargeable mini- LED lamp, similar to the RIL90, it comes with a magnetic base for hands-free working. It has a bright 140 lumen light output and is rechargeable via micro- USB, meaning no need to spend extra money on replacement batteries.

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