Power Probe outlines offering

Power Probe outlines offering

Here, Power Probe takes a deep dive into its offering to outline some key products available to garages.

Circuit tracer & short finder

Partnering with logistics specialist ATE, Power Probe is now available in the UK, including this circuit tracer and short finder: the ECT3000. Designed as a quick solution to automotive circuit problems, this product consists of two main components. These are a transmitter and receiver, along with a set of connection adapters that aim to help you locate short circuits without removing plastic panels, moulding, carpet and to trace wires to see where they lead and to find open circuits, switches or breaks in wires. Also designed to trace and locate the cause of severe battery drain, test and find intermittent conditions and to check continuity.

Power Probe outlines offering

Amp clamp

Power Probe’s Digital Clamp Meter is an 80 amp, auto-ranging clamp meter designed specifically for the automotive technician. This meter is rated CAT III 600V and can measure Volts, Amps, Ohms, Frequency and Temperature – necessary for automotive electrical testing. This meter’s diagnostic applications include (but are not limited to): Parasitic draw, crank current testing and HVAC temperature testing.

Power Probe outlines offering

Soldering iron kit

Another product now available in the UK is the Pro-Solder 50. This is a rechargeable soldering iron kit that is multifunctional and reaches operating temperature in just 10 seconds. It is perfect for quick wiring repairs either in the shop or at home. The kit includes various tip attachments, solder, copper cleaning sponge and a protective carrying case. Features include the ability to reach operation temperature (280 C) in 10 seconds, a running time of 35 minutes and a charging time of 3.5 hours.

Circuit tester

Lastly, the Power Probe OBD-II Breakout Box is a CAN Bus circuit tester compatible with 12 and 24 V systems. The tool connects directly to the vehicle’s Data Link Connector, testing for any abnormalities such as shorting and reverse polarity at the pins. If shorting or reverse polarity is present, connecting the PPECB first will prevent harm before connecting a diagnostic scan tool. The breakout box provides a live display of present communicating signals without having to use a digital multimeter. Additionally, you can quickly test the voltages at all 16 pins.

For more information on MGL’s range of Power Probe products, click here.

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