Pit Stop: February 2023 edition

Pit Stop: February 2023 edition

In need of a refuel? Read on to find out the answers to the latest Pit Stop puzzle page that featured in the February issue of PMM. 

Finding the link…  

  1. Who was the first president of the United States of America?
  2. Which English singer-songwriter is known for the songs ‘Shotgun’, ‘Budapest’ and ‘Paradise’?
  3. Which royal is currently second in line for the throne?
  4. Born in Belfast, which footballer who played as a winger spent most their career at Manchester United?
  5. Which Beatles member sadly died of lung cancer in 2001?
  6. Who was King of England when America gained independence from Britain in 1776?
  7. Who won ‘Best Supporting Actor’ in the 2006 Oscars for ‘Syriana’?
  8. Which American novelist wrote ‘The Game of Thrones’ books?
  9. Which singer was the lead singer of Wham! before going solo?
  10. What links all of the answers together?


  1. George Washington
  2. George Ezra
  3. Prince George of Wales
  4. George Harrison
  5. George Best
  6. George III
  7. George Clooney
  8. George R.R. Martin
  9. George Michael
  10. They’re all called George

Garage Gags

I took my car into the garage and was told it had a flat battery. I asked what shape it should be.

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Word-wheel nine letter answer: Cylinders

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