PCL releases impact wrench

PCL releases impact wrench

PCL has released a new, higher torque impact wrench for the independent aftermarket and is celebrating one year of success for its blowguns.

PCL’s drive to maximise its product range potential continues with the release of a new heavy duty . in. impact wrench featuring 1,400 nm of torque.

Housed in a durable composite casing with forward and reverse modes, the APP210S features a twin hammer mechanism. Weighing 2.1 kg with a . in. air inlet, the impact wrench is designed for safe and comfortable use, with speed adjustment and a non-slip, soft grip rubber handle for protection against the cold compressed air.

Despite reaching a speed of 7,000 RPM, the company claims the impact wrench has low noise and vibration output. Meanwhile its design with the classic blue and grey PCL branding aims to provide a professionallooking addition to the workshop.

PCL releases impact wrench

A year of success for safety blowguns

As PCL’s Ergo and Ergo Extreme reach their first birthday, the Sheffield-based pneumatics expert has announced they’ve blown the competition away.

Created for strength, comfort and affordability, these better and best safety blowguns have proved a hit with customers, who have been impressed with the quality of design and performance. Based on a tried and tested UK design, these sturdy young additions to the PCL family have the brand’s DNA running right through them, from handle to tip.

Made from durable plastic that looks and feels good in the hand, they replaced the previous ‘best’ range of blowguns, building on the high quality and performance for which PCL is renowned.

Ergo and Ergo Extreme formed PCL’s new extended range, created to meet the needs of those looking for competitive price points. Available in 14 types, including safety and non-safety versions, all feature PCL’s striking branding and scalloped handle with three dips for comfort during prolonged use.

PCL’s Ergo range adds value to its ergonomically designed and versatile portfolio of air blowguns – which includes the even more competitively priced ‘good’ entry level plastic range and the existing metal Pistol/Palm Grip range.

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