Nissens outlines NTC platform

Nissens outlines NTC platform

The Nissens Training Concept, or NTC, is an online platform containing technical knowledge about engine cooling and air conditioning components. If you are a professional technician in need of some practical guidance for a particularly tricky job, the NTC may hold the answer. PMM finds out more.

As it stands, the platform consists of four categories:

  • Self-learning modules
  • Webinars, i.e. online training conducted by professional trainers
  • Knowledge tests after live training sessions
  • Library of technical articles and bulletins

The platform is being constantly developed. New functions and features are added, and the library of course contents is regularly expanded with new modules. Recently, an interactive A/C system-related game was added as an interesting form of combining entertainment and education.

Self-learning courses

The self-learning training modules are the part of the platform that currently attracts the most users. These modules are courses on specific topics relating to a given car system or component. They combine the transfer of important technical information along with excellent graphics, photos, videos and a background speaker helping to effectively convey the content. The modules are available in three main theme categories:

AC (Air-Conditioning) – vehicle air-conditioning system

EC (Engine Cooling) – engine cooling system

EEF (Engine Efficiency and Emissions) – turbocharged and exhaust systems

The courses are also divided into three knowledge levels, depending on the learning complexity. Taking the course, i.e. navigating through its content, is very intuitive and involves using a few simple buttons. Most importantly, the knowledge contained in the module is transmitted in a simple, accessible way, and thanks to the help of multimedia, understanding of the issues becomes even simpler. This is very important because many technical procedures can require a broader look at many other aspects (e.g. the failure’s root cause, troubleshooting) and related systems in the vehicle. In addition, users can return to any of the already read content any time and replay it as many times as they would like.

Nissens outlines NTC online platform

Each module ends with a short summary test that checks whether the user has acquired the most important information. Correct answers, within a specified minimum, ensure that an official Nissens training certificate, signed by company management and the training department, is issued.

The training can be started at any time and place and from any type of device, including a phone, although for the best experience and easier reception it is recommended to use a tablet or computer. All platform content, including training modules and webinars, are operated via a web browser.

Get started today

Using the NTC platform is easy and intuitive. You will need to register once as a user to get started. Remember, when entering the data that your name and surname and company name will be included in the same form on the certificates issued later. Using the special access link, enter your registration data and follow the instructions you will receive by email.

After the first login and after accepting the site’s privacy policies as required by law, you will see the user panel. Depending on the access received, the main categories will display the contents available to you, i.e. training modules or planned webinars. You can also download the certificates you have been granted at any time.

Regardless of the place and field of your work in the aftermarket, the technical knowledge offered by NTC courses are incredibly useful.

To sign-up to the NTC platform, click here or to find out more about Nissens’ range of products, click here.

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