Mewa discusses re-usable wipes

Mewa discusses re-usable wipes

Günes Yenen, UK managing director of Mewa, explores how re-usable wipes could help garages boost efficiency and profitability.

In every garage and workshop, the constant goal is to enhance workplace efficiency and the arrival of a new year brings a heightened sense of this objective. The quest for improved productivity is an ongoing challenge and with numerous methods available to achieve greater efficiency, determining where to start can be a formidable task. One effective starting point is ensuring that you have the best tools for the job in hand and that includes your consumables.

Keeping a clean workshop

Leaks and spills, for instance, are a regular occurrence, but for most commercial garages and workshops, the cleaning-up and disposal of these fluids involves little more than blue roll or rags, sand granules and drip trays. These are affordable means of dealing with the problem, but they can be inefficient – neither cleaning nor absorbing particularly well. It is also worth noting that oily wipes, whatever they are made from, may be classed as hazardous materials, and must be stored and disposed of as such and when people are busy, this can sometimes be overlooked.

Mewa cleaning wipes, by contrast are high quality cotton cloths that have a special structure and tight weave, making them exceptionally absorbent, durable, and remarkably effective for cleaning up oils and other liquids and wiping down. In fact, they absorb up to 250 per cent of their own weight in fluid, are highly tear resistant and, compared with the use of disposable paper rolls, they can cut cleaning times by up to 35 per cent. And because a cotton cloth can be washed and reused up to 50 times, it’s a very sustainable way to clean.

Similarly, Mewa Multitex absorbent mats offer a simple and efficient way to keep the workplace and floor free from contamination and hazardous fluids. The mats are designed so that fluid is transported immediately from the outside into the absorbent inner core. A Multitex mat can absorb up to three litres of fluids before needing to be replaced – eliminating the need for sand, granules and drip trays. Not having these potential hazards on the floor can also help safeguard technicians against slips and trips, improving overall health and safety and potential worker downtime.

Mewa discusses re-usable wipes

Because the Mewa service includes pick up, wash and replacement, garages will never be without a mat or wipe to hand when they need it and there’s no wasted time reordering supplies. As part of its service, Mewa also provides a container (Sacon safety container) for the safe storage and transport of the wipes and mats. This means that oily wipes and mats, classified as hazardous waste, are simply and safely stored, ensuring garages remain compliant.

The adoption of a 360° cleaning cloths and mats service holds the potential to yield significant time and cost savings for garages, enabling them to redirect their focus toward other critical aspects of the business.

It also promotes sustainability, enabling businesses to operate more responsibly and enhance their environmental reputation which helps in attracting and retaining customers. By embracing these tools, garages can further enhance their productivity, efficiency and compliance, helping lay a solid foundation for a successful and prosperous year ahead.

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