LIQUI MOLY outlines Pro-Line Radiator Cleaner

LIQUI MOLY outlines Pro-Line Radiator Cleaner

LIQUI MOLY explains how its Pro-Line Radiator Cleaner can ensure radiators are kept clean, helping to drive engine temperatures down.

A dirty radiator can no longer do its job as well and causes the engine temperature to rise. This not only applies if the radiator is dirty from the outside as deposits inside the cooling circuit can also push the engine temperature into the red zone.

The Liqui Moly cleaning product is added to the radiator and then the heating needs to be switched on. The engine is then run for between 10 and 30 minutes, depending on the degree of soiling. During this time, the active ingredients dissolve oily and calcified deposits inside the cooling circuit. These are then drained together with the coolant. The cooling system must now be thoroughly flushed with water and is then ready for the new coolant.

One litre of LIQUI MOLY’s Pro-Line Radiator Cleaner is said to be sufficient for 50 litres of coolant. This makes it particularly economical to use and is material-friendly, containing no acids or alkalis. A radiator cleaned in this way can reportedly be restored to its full performance and helps the engine management system to maintain the temperature in the optimum range as well as providing additional reserves under heavy engine loads.

Another useful chemical tool is the Pro-Line Radiator Stop Leak K, which seals hairline cracks and minor leaks in the radiator. It is added to the coolant, saving refilling, radiator replacement and engine damage due to insufficient coolant and can also be used preventively. Its active ingredients then circulate in the system and are immediately available if a leak occurs, preventing unexpected malfunction.

Pro-Line Radiator Stop Leak K is also suitable for aluminium and plastic radiators as well as those with water filters. It reportedly has no undesirable side effects on the water pump and heating circuit and can be mixed with all conventional coolants.

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