Leveraging Online Diagnostics Configurators

Leveraging Online Diagnostics Configurators

Delphi shares the details of the launch of its new online diagnostics configurator.

To help workshops expand their service offering and repair quality, Delphi recently introduced a new online diagnostics configurator. It’s a step-by-step walk-through which allows technicians to compare the various diagnostic hardware, software, and accessory options available to them.

“This tool makes it easier than ever for workshops to deploy diagnostics throughout their service offering,” said Juan Thomaz, vice president and general manager aftermarket EMEA. “Today a diagnostic tool plays a part in almost every service task, from simple scan to detailed guided repair.”

The innovative online resource gives workshops flexibility and transparency of all components and part numbers; allowing them to then request a follow-up from an authorised supplier. Users can either start the configuration by device type or by specific models or functions that are covered by the software. It incorporates passenger car and heavy-duty applications covered by the brand’s diagnostic range.


The newly released DS software version 2023.0 is already available to view on the configurator. It contains a variety of application coverage growth for both car and HD, notably an exceptional coverage increase on popular hybrid and electric vehicles such as the Mercedes EQ range, the BMWi range, and Volkswagen’s iD range. It contains 38,849 unique system selections which expands model and systems selection by over 2,500 since April 2022. It increases HD EV applications to a total of 32 vehicle models.

Additionally, diagnostic users can enjoy increased ADAS coverage, a fast-growing area of vehicle functionality. The brand’s ADAS solution now covers 258 models with radar, 403 models with front camera, and 101 models with 360° camera.


Delphi is focused on providing workshops with a holistic solution which includes a wide portfolio, extensive technical data, and training to empower workshops with the right skills to maximise service opportunities. Once a workshop has received the diagnostics solution they built with the configurator, they are offered various training options to suit all technician experience levels.

They can attend in-person training or study online via The Delphi Academy. For example, having received their BlueTech VCI package built with the configurator, workshops can enjoy a new training course for Tesla diagnostics which uses the BlueTech VCI and Tesla OE portal and equipment.

“We are committed to partnering with technicians at every step of their workshop journey,” said Thomaz. “From making it easier to invest in the right diagnostic tools, to getting the best returns from it once they have it. Our workshop solutions gather intelligent workshop tools together, like the configurator, and Masters of Motion which offers many technical resources and makes us the complete end-to-end provider.”

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