Jumpstarters for 24V systems

Jumpstarters for 24V systems

Ring’s latest jumpstarter ensures there is no vehicle too big for garages to help out of a jam.

Automotive lighting and auto electrics supplier, Ring, is kicking off its 50th birthday year with a flurry of activities, the first of which is the launch of a new product for the market.

While the RPPL1000 jumpstarter for 12V systems has only been on the market for six months, Ring, which is always upgrading and evolving its range for further uses, has introduced the RPPL3000 to accommodate 12V and 24V systems, so that technicians can have an even greater range of options.

The RPPL3000 lithium professional jump starter is suitable for workshops and recovery vehicles, as it’s ideal for all petrol vehicles and 24V diesel vehicles up to 13-litre due to its high power and auto voltage detection. This jumpstarter can be used on 4x4s, cars, vans, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and even boats. Helpfully, it has a built-in LED work light, allowing users to work in darker conditions, it is also lightweight, only weighing 5.6kg, which is 75 per cent lighter than equivalent lead acid jumpstarters, making it more mobile and easy to use.

Other features include a 12V DC port and USB port to charge mobile devices, as well as reverse polarity protection and overvoltage protection. The over-voltage protection means that when the jumpstarter is being recharged, the unit will disconnect from the charger and stop allowing charge to flow in once it’s fully charged and it will also stop adding charge if the voltage in the battery starts to increase too much.

Who is it suitable for?

Marketing director for Ring, Henry Bisson, said: “We think it’s important to provide technicians with as much choice as possible: if they work in a workshop that only sees cars, then the new RPPL3000 will still get use, but they will not be using all of the features available, so perhaps we’d suggest the RPPL1000, which is specifically for 12V vehicles. However, if they are unsure of what vehicle they’ll be working on from one day to the next, maybe working in a mixed fleet depot, then the RPPL3000 gives them the flexibility they need when they need to jumpstart a vehicle.

“We’re extremely pleased with all of the features the RPPL3000 offers technicians. Being lightweight, it can be easily carried around a forecourt and will do multiple jumpstarts before needing to be recharged. For personal and practical reasons, the RPPL3000 provides the ability to charge a phone or light up an area, if they are out on the road, for example. As it’s likely that all these key features will be needed, we make sure our products are able to provide a multitude of benefits, not just one.”

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