Induction Innovations shares their tool range

Induction Innovations shares their tool range

Could your workshop technicians benefit from Induction Innovations’ heating tools?

Induction Innovations is a family owned and operated manufacturer of high-performance induction heaters. Founder and President, Tom Gough, developed the first Induction model in 2000 after being in collision repair for 28 years and seeing the many time-consuming processes found in the vehicle and equipment repair industry.

Induction heat allows the heating of ferrous metals with all types of adhesives bonded to metal, fasteners bonded with thread lock compound, and seized hardware to be removed and released much quicker and safer than by traditional naked flame heating.

More and more technicians are putting down their torches and taking advantage of handheld induction heaters to remove seized or rusted parts from corrosion or thread lock compounds. By cultivating heat through electromagnetic waves, induction tools heat only the part you want to heat without risk of damage to other surrounding areas. The seized part never encounters a flame and the coil itself does not get hot.

As technology advances so does the need for a safer way to be able to free up corroded and seized up applications. One of the biggest challenges that mechanics face is wheel nuts and tie rods getting stuck or seized which can cause many hours of time and frustration. Induction Innovations claims its Mini-Ductor Venom tool can play a big role in the workshop.

Induction Innovations shares their tool range

Induction vs. open flame torches

The Mini-Ductor Venom is the third generation in the Mini-Ductor series of handheld induction heaters. Generating “invisible heat”, the tool aims to heat up ferrous metals in seconds and releases them from corrosion or thread lock compounds without the dangers caused by open flames.

This tool reduces labour, allows you to save or re-use parts normally discarded in the repair process and reduces the need for consumables. The angled pistol-grip design along with bendable coils allow you to fit into tight spaces where torches cannot go, making the repair process easier than ever before.

Using a torch leads to heat being blown away from the load, wasting its energy and transferring its heat to unwanted areas. With induction heating, nearly all of the energy pulled is applied to the load, using invisible heat, making the tool faster and more energy efficient.

Using an open flamed torch to remove parts can be dangerous – open flames are unreliable, can be time consuming to work with and can cause damage to the area surrounding the part, which all affect the productivity of your business, your profits, and the safety of employees.

Induction Innovations shares their tool range

4 steps to wheel nut removal

  1. Select the proper size coil. For best results, leave a small gap between the coil and wheel nut
  2. Insert the coil and lock it into place with the twist lock
  3. Place the coil around the wheel nut and heat for 15-20 seconds
  4. Remove the wheel nut

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