Hella Gutmann unveils flexible diagnostic solution

Hella Gutmann unveils flexible diagnostic solution

Hella Gutmann’s mega macs X offers a diagnostics solution for garages operating across multiple brands. The company’s head of sales, Julian Goulding, explains how you can benefit.

The mega macs X is a complete rethink of vehicle diagnostics. Ever-advancing automotive technology is changing the way technicians communicate with vehicle data. Today’s workshops need a flexible and adaptable diagnostic solution to keep pace. Our mega macs X system has been designed to allow workshops to choose which functions and technical data they require for multi-brand diagnostics.

With this system, garages only pay for what they need. Four software modules bring a choice of functions for workshops, from basic to advanced capabilities. Core operations include reading and deleting trouble codes and service resets, with support for PassThru, CAN-FD and DoIP protocols. Workshops can also unlock a range of additional features such as actuator tests and ADAS calibrations by upgrading their software package.

Our variable software and licensing models give workshops the option to choose a package that’s right for them. Should those requirements change at any time, they can simply upgrade their licence and the software will automatically update, unlocking additional new functionality.

A powerful processor sits at the heart of mega macs X for fast diagnosis and repairs, while handy features such as a built-in bracket to hang from the vehicle, an integrated OBD plug flashlight and a green LED progress bar, helps technicians complete the job efficiently. They simply connect the mega macs X wirelessly to any tablet, notebook or PC running Windows, Mac OS, Linux or Android to start the diagnostic process.

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