Grouptyre outlines revenue opportunity

Grouptyre outlines revenue opportunity

Does your workshop currently undertake tyre replacement work? If not, Grouptyre argues you could be missing out on an extra revenue stream without knowing it.

It’s important that garages encourage customers to undertake regular tyre checks all year round. Cold and damp conditions on the roads can create a hazardous environment for the driver and tyre wear and regular checks are often forgotten, so it is vital to advise them when new tyres need fitting – whether it be a standard likefor- like replacement or a suitable ‘winter tyre’ solution in the colder months.

The replacement tyre market has moved very quickly over recent times. Mirroring the way that parts numbers of components have exploded and other technology has developed, the range and selection of tyres available to the aftermarket is truly vast.

In the past, independent garages may have kept a stock of tyres on hand to cope with any replacement work, but now this is neither feasible nor possible. There are so many different brands, ranges, tread patterns and sizes of tyre in the market – with many being vehicle specific – that you would never be able to stock the correct type of tyre to cope with every eventuality.

Independent garages are in a terrific position to profit from replacement business because often they are seeing the car at key stages in its service life. The garage can simply perform a tyre check while completing a vehicle service and can suggest that the customer have the tyres replaced if the tread is too low or the wear is too great. This would often be business that a customer would take to a specialist tyre fitter, so why miss out on an additional source of revenue?

Tyres are usually a distress purchase – they get a puncture or are worn and the customer has to have them replaced to be able to drive (much in the same way as the battery) so this makes it even more important to have a reliable supplier.

When choosing a supplier, you are looking for someone who will have the correct range and depth of tyres available, covering popular volume sizes through to ultra-high performance sizes. As tyres are a distress purchase you need a rapid and reliable delivery, otherwise the customer will simply take their business elsewhere. It is also important to have a supplier that can offer a competitive and market reflective price so that both parties can make margins on the sale.

Grouptyre and its service package aims to offer a one stop solution to help with your tyre supply. The company has over 455 delivery vans around the country and stocks around 1.3million tyres. The range available covers all major brands and several exclusive margin boosting brands and it is a specialist in high performance (rare/slow moving) products with vans leaving the distribution centre three times a day, on average.

They distribute from 42 different locations and have a sales force of over 45 highly skilled and knowledgeable Business Development Managers around the country to help you get the most out of the tyre fitting opportunity. With a package of support tools to help you grow your tyre business they really are the one stop shop.

If you’ve not considered the step into the tyre replacement market then you could be losing out on a great deal of profit.

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