EDT Engine Cleaner Product Test

EDT Engine Cleaner Product Test

Steve Russell, Russell Automotive centre, London, tests the EDT engine cleaner.

As the owner of a busy workshop, it’s not uncommon for me to receive contact from companies that want to sell me magic potions or devices that are claimed to “transform how my customers’ cars will perform”. How true to their word these organisations are tends to be a hit or miss affair, but after reading about EDT’s ‘revolutionary’ engine cleaner, I was keen to have a play with the unit to see if its performance really did back up the manufacturer’s claims.

I’m glad to say that my experience is one that belongs firmly in the ‘hit’ column!

How it works

In fairly simple terms, the unit is designed to give the customer’s engine a thorough clean, removing the dirt, grime and deposits that can build up inside an engine over time, causing performance, drivability and economy issues for the car owner.

The EDT treatment is easy to administer; you simply connect the EDT machine to the oil filter housing and the sump drain hole and then allow the machine to work its magic by pumping around a special cleaning oil that removes the build-up of carbon that has formed over the life of the engine. As the cleaning oil is pumped around the oil system of the engine, it is filtered by a very fine filter that stops the carbon being put back into the engine.

“We’ve felt very confident about promoting the service to our customers and have had great success over the last few months.”

Although it’s important that you get a thorough demo on how to use the unit correctly beforehand, it’s incredibly easy to pick up and the automated nature of the machine is great, as once it’s started the process, you can go off and work on other jobs until the treatment is complete.

Another great thing about the treatment, from a garage (and customer) point of view, is that there is a transparent tank on the unit that allows you to see all the dirty deposits that are being removed whilst the treatment is taking place. You can literally witness the fine filter getting dirtier right in front of your eyes, giving you the opportunity to show the customer all the rubbish that you’ve removed from the engine.

Putting it to the test

Before letting the unit loose on our customers’ vehicles, we thought we’d try it out on our own pride and joy(s), so the first car to receive a treatment was my Audi A5.

After the treatment had concluded, I took the motor out for a spin and noticed immediately that the engine seemed to feel ‘free’ again – it certainly revved easier and some of the lost torque had returned.

To convince me further of the treatment’s abilities, my Service Manager’s car – a Jaguar XF – was up next. Once again, he road-tested the car after the treatment had taken place and reported very similar improvements to those that I had experienced.

Happy customers

From that point onwards, we’ve felt very confident about promoting the service to our customers and have had great success over the last few months. It does need you to take the time and effort to explain the benefits to them, but those that have decided to take the plunge have been extremely happy with the results.

For more details about the Engine Cleaner from EDT Automotive, click here or email: info@edtautomotive.com

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