Bosch discusses secured vehicle data

Bosch discusses secured vehicle data

Bosch has widened the net when it comes to accessing secured vehicle data, helping improve the competitiveness of the independent sector.

As many of you will know already, numerous vehicles require a manufacturer-specific access authorisation in order to perform active diagnostic tasks such as the calibration of driver assistance systems or resetting of service notifications. This can present most independent workshops with some serious problems. For this reason, Bosch has developed a standardised solution: Bosch Secure Diagnostic Access (SDA) provides access to security-protected diagnostic contents using ESI[tronic] diagnostic software.

Since August 2021, workshops using ESI[tronic] 2.0 Online, combined with a license for Control Unit Diagnosis are able to access protected electronic systems of several vehicles produced by the Volkswagen group via SDA. Bosch SDA thus meets the requirements of the current security level for tasks on vehicles produced by the VW group.

Ever since the ESI[tronic] 2.0 Online and KTS 250 software updates released earlier this year, users can now also use SDA to access protected vehicle data of Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Abarth, Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge/RAM vehicles. Furthermore, SDA has been expanded in June to provide access to current Mercedes-Benz vehicles as well. In addition, Bosch is also closely cooperating with the development departments of additional vehicle manufacturers in order to continuously expand the access possibilities via SDA.

Personal Bosch ID for straightforward SDA use

Bosch SDA is your single access point for secure and authorised diagnostics with no extra charges to your workshop if you have an ESI subscription. To use Secure Diagnostic Access, members of workshop staff need to create a personal Bosch ID consisting of an e-mail address and a self-chosen password via a guided process. A single registration is sufficient. Once registered, they will be granted access to all protected diagnostic data via SDA.

Only for the access to protected data of Mercedes-Benz vehicles is an additional step required, as user identification for two factor authentication (2FA) – besides creating a Bosch ID – is required for the network identification. Afterwards, this protected data is available as well.

There are basically two ways of accessing SDA via ESI[tronic] workshop software. On the one hand, users can activate the SDA access within ESI[tronic] right at the beginning of their diagnosis using their Bosch ID. On the other hand, ESI[tronic] also informs the users: Once the vehicle is connected for diagnostic purposes, ESI[tronic] opens a pop-up window pointing out that the respective vehicle is equipped with a protected electronic system. By means of a link, users can also access the SDA help centre providing additional support. It contains important information concerning topics related to Secure Diagnostic Access, such as frequently asked questions as well as explanatory images and videos.

A prerequisite for the use of Bosch Secure Diagnostic Access is ESI[tronic] 2.0 Online diagnostic software and a valid license for Control Unit Diagnosis, as well as a stable internet connection. Furthermore, a diagnostic tester of the current Bosch KTS generation – such as KTS 590, KTS 560, KTS 350 or KTS 250 – is also required. This enables even multi-brand workshops to perform active diagnostic tasks on modern vehicle models, thereby ensuring their competitiveness.

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