Aviloo launches EV battery tool

Aviloo launches EV battery tool

Austrian battery diagnostics and solutions company Aviloo, has partnered with Maverick Diagnostics to launch a tool and software package which will help UK garages to check the health of EV batteries for their customers.

At a recent press event at Matt Cleevely’s EV garage in Cheltenham, journalists gathered to learn all about how workshop owners and technicians are now able to offer their customers a simple test that generates an insight into the condition of their EV battery.

In collaboration with Aviloo, a developer of battery diagnostic solutions, Maverick Diagnostics is primed to offer a UK aftermarket first: the fastest and the most comprehensive independent test that measures EV and plug-in hybrid battery condition.

We saw a demonstration of the ‘Flash’ test that in just three minutes generates an analysis of a traction battery while a vehicle is stationary. The diagnostic tool measures several parameters – vehicle communication, battery controller, HV battery state, LV system and battery history – before offering a manufacturer-independent test score between one and 100. Technicians can then illustrate that score and the test’s overall findings to customers with a report.

Aviloo chief technical officer, Nikolaus Mayerhofer, explained why battery testing on a regular basis is vital: “Traction batteries are chemical energy storage devices that are subject to a natural ageing process due to load and lose their storage capacity over time. Likewise, usage behaviour, such as permanent driving in the upper power range or frequent charging with high charging powers, can lead to faster battery ageing.”

Aviloo launches EV battery tool

How does it work?

First, the user plugs an Aviloo box into the OBD port of a vehicle.

Next, wait for a flashing yellow LED light to appear, which indicates the start of the test, then start the vehicle.

Finally, the LED light will turn green to signal that the test is complete. A report will then be immediately generated and sent to the e-mail address synced to the device. This is available on either the app or desktop.

Currently, the tests cover approximately 80 per cent of existing EV and plug-in hybrid models and with daily work on the introduction of new models, that percentage is growing.

A game changer

As the number of EVs and plug-in hybrids continue to rise, there is a growing opportunity for independent workshops and demand from their customers to ensure their vehicle’s battery is in good health.

Maverick Diagnostics managing director, Andy Brooke, said: “Our partnership with Aviloo represents a game-changing opportunity for workshop owners and technicians. This is the first test of its kind. Customers can now see, in the simplest form, what condition their EV or plug-in hybrid’s battery is in. The technician can then use this accurate and reliable information to make a reliable assessment and, potentially, justify a battery replacement.”

Battery diagnostics solutions from Aviloo are now available in the UK through Maverick Diagnostics.

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