Alldata highlights its info centre service

Alldata highlights its info centre service

Alldata is highlighting its info centre service to technicians, providing an extra helping hand to subscribers.

The info centre service is a vital, additional support resource for automotive and bodyshop professionals searching for technical information in the 72 million documents available within the repair portal.

Alldata Europe managing director, Karol Englert, revealed how subscribers can use the value-added service: “Users can access the info centre service via the repair portal. If we have published data for the vehicle but they simply can’t find what they are looking for, they can put in a request to us. We will assist subscribers by providing the location of the data. This will enable them to become familiar with the portal and increase their confidence for next time.”

Some repair data, however, is not published and is only accessible on demand via the info centre service, as Karol explained: “For example, service interval check sheets are unique to each vehicle on the road, depending on age and mileage covered and are, therefore, only available on request.

“Alternatively, it may be because we have just signed a new agreement with a vehicle manufacturer and are still processing the repair information and getting it ready to publish into the portal.”

Irrespective of the request and whether the data is readily available, one of the 11 qualified and experienced technical support specialists will aim to respond quickly.

The service’s team has a targeted response time of four hours but can often fulfil requests in less than two, depending on demand and the type of enquiry received. The user is then able to carry on with their job safely and accurately, rather than guessing or having to turn work away.

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