A/C Maintenance System Profit Potential
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A/C Maintenance System Profit Potential

Car parts supplier, Valeo, presents the case for having a suitable A/C maintenance system in the workshop.

The increase in the number of cars equipped with air conditioning creates a strong opportunity to develop turnover and profits for car maintenance in the aftermarket. If we take, for example, a European country such as France, only 15% of new cars were equipped with air-conditioning in 1995, compared to about 90% of new cars in 2010 – a rate equivalent to the one reached in some countries such as United States or Japan where the market for air conditioning is seen as mature.

Repairing and maintaining the air conditioning loop is complex technical work. If the diagnosis is accomplished and accurate, the mechanic and garage enhance their professional image. As an OEM supplier, Valeo develops high quality products for the aftermarket, which endure equivalent quality tests to the OE products.

In the aftermarket sector, the company claims it is the only car parts supplier offering a full range of products needed to maintain the complete loop of air- conditioning. Valeo Service continuously launches new product references in order to adapt its offer to the permanent evolution of needs in the aftermarket business. In 2015, for instance, more than a hundred references were added to the portfolio.

In 2016, the parts supplier launched products for car applications such as the Volkswagen Golf 7 and the Renault Clio IV. The Valeo Group supplies major car applications with a high number of components present in the air conditioning loop, including the compressor, condenser, evaporator, radiator, blower and filter.


Designed for passenger cars and commercial fleets, the Valeo ClimFill stations have many technical and operational advantages:

■ Eco-friendly – they use patented and eco-labelled filling couplers that prevent any fluid leakage and air from entering the tank during the operation.

■ Fully automatic – there is no need to open a tap, and once launched, the process is automatic. It can be switched to a manual mode, if necessary.

■ Easy maintenance – the presence of a pump auto-check system ensures a high level of performance.

ClimFill stations for garages

The Valeo ClimFill stations are essential equipment for garages that want to offer maintenance and repair services on the air conditioning loop. An air conditioning loop loses about 40g of cooling fluid per year. But, when some cooling fluid is missing, the air con loop is less efficient and loses accuracy when regulating temperature inside the car. Due to this loss, the air conditioning loop must be controlled every two years. The ClimFill station will enable the mechanic to refill the loop with cooling fluid and oil.

The range of these stations is now available in five models. Valeo Service has also launched a new station – the ClimFill Easy HFO. As referenced in its name, the ClimFill Easy HFO station is specifically dedicated to car applications requiring new HFO R1234yf fluid. With its compact size, it allows garage owners to adapt themselves to the evolution of the car parc equipped with HFO gas.

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