Absolute Alignment updates Bluetooth Lite

Absolute Alignment updates Bluetooth Lite

Absolute Alignment has released a new version of its popular Bluetooth Lite wheel aligner that offers an entrance into a growing market for workshops, including working on lowered cars.

The latest Absolute Alignment Bluetooth Lite wheel aligner aims to provide an upgrade from the old-style laser ‘tracking gauges’, offering advanced six-camera CCD four wheel alignment at entry level prices. CCD technology is accurate to 0.1mm and measures the position of all four wheels, as opposed to just front wheel tracking.

The Bluetooth Lite has a particularly small footprint for workshops where space is at a premium and works on a range of lifts – two-post, four-post, scissor – and can even be used with an inspection pit. The aligner is operated from a quality Samsung Android tablet while working on the car, which removes the need for line-of-sight positioning of a base unit or the need to keep returning to a master screen to check what has been adjusted. The system can generate a professional, printed ‘before and after’ report to be handed to the customer which promotes confidence and can be a useful marketing tool.

Like all of Absolute Alignment’s wheel aligners, the Bluetooth Lite is supplied with professional wheel clamps which offer an optional extension pack to accommodate wheels from classic Mini to SUV. Importantly, the clamps have special fitments to avoid metal-to-metal contact which protects expensive aluminium wheels and makes the workshop attractive to users of performance cars.

To further attract such customers, the unit also features a bespoke ‘spoiler programme’ designed to overcome the problems of wheel alignment on lowered, sports and performance cars. Many such cars have too little wheel arch clearance to accommodate the traditional over-the-tyre clamp which is where Absolute Alignment’s Pro Clamp scores as it grips on the lower edge of the wheel, away from the bodywork. As already mentioned, the non-metallic clamp tips also prevent damage to expensive wheels.

Absolute Alignment updates Bluetooth Lite
Low arch clearance is no longer a problem

Absolute Alignment’s Technical Director, Chris Dear, explains the importance of the spoiler programme: “The ability to offer wheel alignment to specialist cars is a real asset to any workshop. Search Google and you’ll find any number of requests for recommendations on modified car forums because the standard wheel alignment equipment can’t cope. We even had a web enquiry from a workshop using a rival’s equipment asking for their local Absolute Alignment centre so they could direct enquiries for specialist car alignment to them!”

Absolute Alignment’s web team has identified ‘lowered car alignment near me’ as their fastest-growing search term, and the ability of the Bluetooth Lite to tap into this lucrative market is a very important marketing tool for workshops looking for a competitive advantage. Customers with such cars tend to be high spending – and loyal to workshops that can give them good service. They will also travel long distances to get the specialist attention they need and are very keen to share their experiences – both positive and negative – with like-minded folk.

Thanks to Absolute Alignment’s technology, what was previously a difficult operation often involving the removal of body panels is now as quick and easy as with any everyday hatchback. The system has been used and approved by many major race teams including Power Maxed Racing, who use it to set up the suspension of the works Vauxhall Astra racers in the British Touring Car Championship.

Chris Dear also commented: “The Bluetooth Lite is a very flexible tool. It does not require a dedicated ramp meaning workshops can undertake checks when it is convenient for the vehicle they’re working on, not just when the alignment bay is free. It’s the perfect entry level wheel aligner because it’s so user-friendly. We’ve spent some time developing the machine to offer the maximum features at a very competitive price.”

Absolute Alignment produces a special two-post lift adaptor to enable the Bluetooth Lite to be used on the widest variety of lifts, freeing workshops from the tyranny of the dedicated bay and bringing wheel alignment profits to a wider audience.

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