3D Group outlines locksmithing solutions

3D Group outlines locksmithing solutions

Workshops are often on the lookout for new services they can offer customers to give them an added advantage over rival workshops. Could auto locksmithing be the service that your business needs? Here, 3D Group outlines some of the locksmithing solutions they provide.

Purchasing with 3D Group could be the solution, thanks to the range of products we have available. The benefits provided should be more than enough to make any garage more attractive, increasing sales and driving profits for your business.

Whether you are a car repair shop or a mobile mechanic, you can provide certain auto locksmith services to your customers. We’re all for jobs that you can perform whilst you have a customer’s car; you can optimise your workshop’s and customers’ time by offering auto locksmith services.

Below we are going to cover some of the jobs you’ll be able to conduct with the help of our products:

Cutting keys

Do you already ask the customer how many keys they own for their car when they arrive at your garage? This could be the perfect opportunity to offer them a spare key.

Whether the customer has come into your garage for an unrelated job, or they have come to you with a lost or damaged key, with our products you can complete these quick jobs in no time whilst you have their car.

Alternatively, you could potentially attract new business to your garage by advertising that you offer locksmith services. For example, a customer could come to you looking for car key replacement, giving you a chance to showcase other services you have available to them.

We offer a range of key cutting machines to suit your needs and budget:

1. Xhorse Dophin Key Cutting Machine

This budget-friendly option has a fantastic range of functions, with the added benefit of being Bluetooth capable; allowing the user to connect their phone, negating the need for an in-built screen.

2. Keyline Gymkana 994, electronic key machine with console

The Gymkana 994 is the new electronic key cutting machine for automotive laser, and double-sided edge cut keys. Showcasing a compact and ergonomic design, the user is able to provide key cutting services anywhere with the utmost flexibility.

Replacement key cases

A small service that would be excellent to offer customers would be replacement key cases. More than likely, you see many damaged or broken key cases every day. Wouldn’t it be great if you could offer to replace these worn key cases while the customer waits for you to complete the work you’re conducting on their vehicle?

Diagnosing issues & programming keys

Have you already invested in diagnostic tools? 3D Group offers a variety of diagnostic tools which can expand the services you can offer. Does your current device allow you to programme keys? Listed are just some of the excellent diagnostic tools we sell:

  • Autel IM608 package one
    This great option is suitable for those looking to provide unparalleled immobiliser and key programming functions, as well as OE-level diagnostic and service functions.
  • Autel IM608 package two
    This upgrade from package one can also allow the user to replace keys for Mercedes-Benz when all keys have been lost.
  • OSCA
    The OSCA diagnostic tool is unique and one of the very first devices of its kind. Cloud-based diagnostics come with no complicated software installs or updates, just live in-depth diagnostics and programming at your fingertips via scripts and live technicians. It completes jobs that other tools can’t and when something fails, the OSCA team is on-hand to talk you through the issue to get it rectified as efficiently as possible.

Vehicle Security Solutions

Do you currently offer security services? There has been a rise in commercial vehicle theft over recent years. With this crime trend in mind, it seems appropriate to offer your customers services to help protect them.

Here at 3D Group, we distribute a variety of vehicle security solutions. Whether you are looking to install additional locks to protect the vehicle from theft or installing trackers to protect the vehicle and the customer.

These security options often need the person fitting them to own a compressor, making you a great candidate; you’ll already have the tools necessary to provide these.

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