There’s More to Diagnostics than Simple Fault Codes

There’s More to Diagnostics than Simple Fault Codes

Hella Gutmann Solutions explains why capable diagnostic equipment is such a core requirement in today’s repair market.

Nowadays, even if it’s only to cancel the service-related warning lights, even the most basic service requires the use of diagnostic equipment. However, one of the characteristics that sets apart the Hella Gutmann Solutions (HGS) mega macs range of diagnostic tools is the ability to prompt users to the VM’s online service schedule, in order to electronically update the vehicle’s service record. Without fulfilling this function, it is not uncommon for the service-related warning lights to come back on and, in extreme cases, for the vehicle to go into limp mode, as the VM’s online system does not acknowledge that the vehicle has had the required service and is therefore unable to verify its safety.

Another problem which unfortunately persists is when a technician uses superficial diagnostic test results to automatically change what could be the faulty component, but without considering what might have actually caused the issue, or whether an underlying matter is ultimately responsible.

So, although a tool might display the fault codes that identify a problem with the EGR valve, for example, further diagnosis should be carried out before assuming a simple replacement will suffice. By contrast, the mega macs diagnostic tool range, in addition to highlighting the fault codes, will direct the technician to a series of potential causes for the fault, which may or may not be remedied by the replacement of the EGR valve, but will allow them to get to the actual source of the problem and undertake the correct repair. Unfortunately, simple replacement remains one of the primary reasons for drivers returning their vehicle to the workshop with the reoccurrence of a fault, which incurs costs to the workshop and inconvenience to the customer.

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