How Much of a Difference Can a Cleaner Engine Make?

How Much of a Difference Can a Cleaner Engine Make?

A cleaner engine is said to deliver more power, but how much of a difference does it really make? RSP-Motorsports in Ontario, Canada, put LIQUI MOLY’s oil additive service to the test, and the results are in.

The result

In a Porsche Cayenne GTS, the performance advantage amounted to as much as 20hp, and the torque increased correspondingly too. On average, the engine generated 80°F less heat. Tests with a Mercedes-Benz C320 3.2L V6 and a Porsche 993 produced similar results.

“In my 43 years as an automotive professional working with European luxury and exotic cars in both Europe and Canada, I have not come across lubricants which enhance and restore engine and components on a level comparable to LIQUI MOLY products”, said Renato Fausch, President of RSP-Motorsports. The cars were fitted with a dynamometer for the test and their performance was measured before and after the oil additive service.

The additives

What exactly did RSP-Motorsports do? Firstly, just before the oil change, the company added LIQUI MOLY Engine Flush to the motor oil. The active agents loosen deposits, sludge and other dirt which are then drained together with the oil. The fresh oil enters a clean engine, which can then deploy its maximum performance.

Secondly, RSP poured in Leichtlauf High Tech 5W-40, a fully synthetic motor oil. Finally, two additives were put into the motor oil. One was Motor Oil Saver, which regenerates brittle seals, making them soft and flexible again. It stops oil loss at the seals and prevents future oil loss. The other additive put in the engine was LIQUI MOLY Cera Tec.

This is a high-tech wear protection additive that protects the engine chemically with the so-called friction modifier and also physically with tiny ceramic particles acting as a solid lubricant. Less friction means less power loss in the engine and less heat generated.

Together, these measures brought about a significant increase in power. The engine no longer overheats as easily and is therefore better protected from wear.

Causes of engine power loss

Where does this loss of power come from in the first place? One cause is using the wrong motor oil. Those who go for a cheaper option here don’t just squander horsepower but also encourage oil sludge and wear. Another cause is the perfectly normal consequences of engine use. Fuel and combustion residues get into the oil circuit and cause sedimentation, which slows the engine down. This is a creeping process which drivers do not usually notice at all. This makes the ‘aha’ moment after an engine clean even bigger, as the driver can feel the difference straight away.

Benefits for garages

LIQUI MOLY believes that its oil additive service is an excellent customer loyalty instrument for garages because they can offer noticeable, tangible results with a few materials and in a short space of time.

Additives are not miracle cures, but they are effective chemical tools that are often a suitable alternative to mechanical work. Without them, for example, cleaning an engine would be a very laborious job.

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