Creaking Noise from Front Suspension on Citroen C3 III?

Creaking Noise from Front Suspension on Citroen C3 III?

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A customer’s 2010 Citroen C3 III has a creaking noise from the front suspension when manoeuvring or parking. We have heard the noise on road test, but have been unsuccessful in recreating the noise in the workshop. We have checked the front suspension joints and mountings but cannot find the source of the fault. Have you come across this creaking noise before?


Yes, we have and it was due to friction between the front suspension strut upper mounting and the shock absorber bump stop. Remove the front suspension strut. Disassemble the suspension strut and remove the spring. Apply a light coating of Total N4128 grease to the area in Fig 1(1). Apply a light coating of Total MARSON SY2 grease to the area indicated Fig 1(2). Reassemble the suspension strut and refit. Repeat the procedure for the opposite side. Carry out road test to ensure fault has been rectified.

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