Meet the New Morris Lubricants Ambassador: Guy Martin
Meet the New Morris Lubricants Ambassador: Guy Martin

Meet the New Morris Lubricants Ambassador: Guy Martin

Guy Martin is about to take on a new challenge as brand ambassador for Morris Lubricants.

Despite being a big media personality, you’ll always find Guy getting covered in grease and oil underneath a truck: “I got interested in fixing engines as a two-year-old, or maybe younger as I was in a nappy,” he says. “I used to sit on the workbench and watch my dad spannering something.

“Fixing trucks is a proper job, and I get satisfaction from working on something that is part of everyday life. If everything else I’m doing goes away, then I can still fix trucks, and I like the way I can control that.”

Of course, Guy is in the public eye for more than just his abilities with a spanner, but he maintains that it’s the opportunities his life in the public eye offers, rather than the fame, that he enjoys.

On TV, Guy has done everything from building boats to exploring China, but his best adventures have also been his most competitive and challenging. “Racing at Pikes Peak was the best thing ever,” he says. “Doing the Wall of Death, and going up against David Coulthard in his F1 car were brilliant too. But The Tour Divide (an 18-day mountain bike trail across America) was probably the best thing I’ve ever done. I know how lucky I am to be doing these things!”

Yet despite these adventures, Guy is still firmly a down to earth bloke. “I enjoy the variation; I can be sat under a lorry one day, and the next be off to China or trying to stop the dogs chasing pheasants,” he remarks. “I have to be busy; I go crackers if I’ m not!”

Brand ambassador

Working with Morris Lubricants is a new opportunity for Guy. “I like the fact they’re British, have a range of everything you could need and are good honest folk,” he says. “They sent me a load of samples, and I didn’t know how many products they had and it’s all good stuff. Whether it’s on the trucks, cars or bikes, even my tractor, the quality is spot on.

Working with Morris Lubricants also gives Guy plenty of different opportunities, including the possibility of ‘brewing’ his own oil. “I’d be up for that, I’m not an expert on oil, but I’d be keen on learning!”

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