Are You Ready for Euro 6?
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Are You Ready for Euro 6?

Are You Ready for Euro 6?

The Diesel Smoke Meter (DSM) upgrade, also known as Euro 6, has now been passed to introduce lower required levels of emissions for the UK MOT test from the 20th May 2018. Crypton, a brand of Continental, explains.

What is Euro 6?

Euro 6 is the sixth instalment of the European Union emission standards, which aims to significantly reduce the levels of harmful car and van exhaust emissions in diesel engines. The latest Euro 6 regulations require a dramatic drop in emissions limits to a maximum of 80mg/km of NOx compared to the 180mg/km that was previously required to meet the Euro 5 emissions standards. Euro 6 was introduced in September 2015, where all mass-produced cars sold from this date have to meet these emission requirements.

What does this mean for MOT stations?

All MOT stations are required to carry out the new lower levels of emissions from Euro 6 by the 20th May 2018. To do this, the software on all diesel testing units must be updated on this date and therefore you MUST have the new software prior to this in order to carry on testing diesel engines.

Am I Euro 6 compatible?

The Euro 6 emissions standards require the greatest emissions reduction of any previous stage along the European regulatory pathway. Unfortunately, not all emissions units will be capable of displaying the lower diesel levels, and some will not incorporate the additional test limits and processes. To find out if your machine is compatible, you will have to contact your manufacturer.

For further information on Euro 6, click here.

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