Under Inspection
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Under Inspection

What is a Driver and Vehicle Licencing Standards Agency (DVSA) Vehicle Examiner looking for when they visit an MOT testing station? PMM finds out.

When a DVSA Vehicle Examiner (VE) arrives to inspect an MOT testing station (VTS), they are looking for a well-run business with a focus on quality testing that will give customers confidence in the service delivered.

Everyone involved in the MOT industry – including DVSA, garage operators, testers, and trade associations – has a part to play in maintaining vehicle testing standards. With more than 30 million MOT tests carried out each year at more the 22,700 outlets, it’s important that we strive for continual improvement. By making sure your staff understand the MOT scheme, are up-to-date on vehicle technology and are trained on the equipment they have to use, you are directly contributing to keeping our roads safe for all.

Here are some of the principles of good quality management that a DVSA VE is looking for:

People – Do you have robust recruitment and probation procedures? What action do you take to ensure your testers deliver a quality service?

Training – Do your staff fully understand their responsibilities to do their job properly, while staying compliant with their training and assessment requirements? DVSA has developed online templates where information can be recorded, including the date and topics covered.

Procedures – Does everyone have access to key information, test logs and test quality information?

Equipment – Do your staff understand the procedures for the upkeep and calibration of equipment? Do they know the process of recording and taking action when things go wrong?

Assurance – What systems do you have in place to check that the outcome of MOT tests is correct and that passwords are securely stored to help reduce the risk of MOT fraud?

Neil Barlow, DVSA Head of MOT Policy; MOT Service Manager, said: “Our VEs work with MOT testing station owners and their

testers to ensure they understand their responsibility to deliver a quality testing service, so the public know they are dealing with professionals who want them to be safe on the roads.

As part of the professional testing of MOT testers, they have to take and record annual training. VEs will carry out a number of checks including asking to see the up-to-date training records of all testers working at the testing station.

MOT testers should be proud of the important role they play to keep the public safe and it’s important they understand the need to keep these records to show they are continually developing their knowledge and skills.

Up-to-date training records made available to the VE also highlight an efficient MOT garage business which is dedicated to staff development and safety.”

For further information about DVSA vehicle examiner visits, click here.

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