The Power of Customer Case Studies
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The Power of Customer Case Studies

Dee Blick, Kalimex retained Chartered Marketer, looks at the the power of customer case studies and how to create them…

Customer case studies give a positive and authentic impression of your business. They’re true stories told through the eyes of your customers extolling the benefits of you and your business. They encourage potential customers to choose you spurred on by the belief that “if it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for me.” They’re the first stepping stone on the Know-Like-Trust process. And in today’s competitive world they are just what you need to stand out from the crowd.

So, where do you start?

Take a look at your happy customers. Select 3-5 that really showcase the best use of your services and expertise. Aim for a diverse mix so you can demonstrate your broad appeal and indeed your skills with different customers. Before contacting them answer the following:

  • What do we do for this customer that is so awesomely good?
  • How will a case study of this customer demonstrate our services, expertise and accreditations in their best light?

But how do you get your customer to commit to a case study. It’s easier than you think.

  • Short is best. A few hundred words are more than enough. You’re not asking a customer to contribute War and Peace!
  • Ask when you see them/a member of your team sees them if they would be willing to share some positive testimonial. If they’re willing seize the moment and write it down or use your phone and do a video testimonial. You can also have a simple form in your reception area: “If you are happy with our service would you mind telling us why,” not forgetting to add: “Can we use your feedback in our promotions?”

Add their testimonial to your short story using the following structure to keep it simple:

  • Name of customer (you don’t have to give their full name if they prefer to remain anonymous. E.g. ‘Rob from Leeds’
  • What they use you for
  • How long they’ve been using you
  • Any challenges you’ve successfully overcome for them
  • Conclusion: their positive testimonial that you took from them with the phrase ‘unedited feedback from Rob’ prefacing the testimonial itself so folk can see you haven’t made it up.

Plan how you’re going to market your business with these case studies

You could for example:

  • Add them on your website on your news/ case studies page
  • Include them in mailshots to potential customers
  • Hand them to prospects or influencers when you’re networking
  • Include shortened versions in your newsletter. The testimonial on its own is pretty powerful
  • Use them to follow up enquiries

Present them nicely

Ensure they’re printed on good quality paper. Add some visuals – an image of you/your premises/your customer with their vehicle. Don’t forget to include your contact details and opening hours etc. You’re using these to bring on board more new customers so don’t omit the essential stuff.

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