How Efficient is Your Workshop?
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How Efficient is Your Workshop?

No matter the size of a vehicle workshop, from the smallest garage to the largest multi-franchise dealership, maximising efficiency is key to profitability according to Straightset.

A highly efficient workshop is a business that maximises its assets by reducing unpaid labour to a minimum; running the business close to 100% capacity.

So, you’ve advertised your business and your order book is full. Your technicians are trained and sufficiently motivated to get the job done. Is your workshop’s equipment up to the task? Is it reliable? Has it been serviced and maintained by a company who can respond to your needs?

In the event of a garage equipment problem, it is important to have in place a service maintenance package with a reliable service provider, one with high first time fix rates and trained engineers in your local area with access to parts stocks to come and fix the problem quickly and efficiently. Having the comfort of knowing you are one call away from your service engineer to come to diagnose and advise on the best solution to get you up and running is invaluable. In addition, if you are already on a service contract, you likely receive cheaper breakdown rates and priority booking (if you’re with the right provider!)

“Equipment over 10 years old costs on average over 50% more to maintain than equipment under 10 years old”.

One off breakdowns can happen but persistent breakdowns can have major impacts on efficiency. Choosing a service provider with access to parts stocks and trained engineers is another element to gaining improved efficiency in the workshop.

The importance of analysing data

Having access to advanced service management reports that store and log your breakdown calls enables you to analyse the cost of your workshop, right down to individual equipment which can help you make informed decisions. The more information you have on your business productivity the better it runs.

Can your service supplier produce you with this information, if not, perhaps it’s time to start looking around?

Based upon a study conducted by Straightset on a sample of over 100 sites, the age of your equipment has a major impact on the cost of maintaining it. Equipment over 10 years old costs on average over 50% more to maintain than equipment under 10 years old.

If your garage equipment is costing you, a replacement programme could be the best solution in the long term. In the short term, it can seem like a big upfront cost, particularly if you have a large workshop with a large amount of equipment, but, replacing equipment in a logical way based upon robust data is a sensible choice.

Choosing the right replacement garage equipment from quality suppliers with warranties and aftersales support and where parts can be easily sourced is important. With skilled engineers who can install equipment safely and accurately. Also, choosing a garage equipment supplier with flexible payment options is a bonus, if required.

In cases where most the equipment in your workshop needs replacing, a full workshop redesign, could be the answer. Laying out the workshop, maximising the workshop to avoid wasted space, with the right services in the right places will reduce wasted technician time of the need to wander about the site collecting oil from here and water from there.

With so much to think about with the day to day running of a garage workshop, its important you have confidence in the equipment you are using. Choosing a garage equipment supplier that is experienced, proactive, reliable, professional and comprehensive will take the stress away from you and manage your equipment requirements effectively.

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