Febi LIVE! – Renault Laguna

Febi LIVE! – Renault Laguna

Febi LIVE! offers dealers and workshops an efficient, web-supported catalogue where all the parts for the relevant vehicle model are displayed based on the search criteria.

Renault Laguna

The Laguna model first hit the market in 1993, with an updated second generation offered in 2001.

Renault focused on quality and luxury, with a huge improvement in reliability for the third generation model, which came out in 2007.

The family car market is now more diverse than ever and Renault has attempted to compete, offering a large range of engines, and trims span from entry-level Expression versions, to the lavish Initiale range-toppers. Key rivals include the Ford Mondeo, Mazda 6, and Volkswagen Passat.

Febi supply over 400 different components for the Renault Laguna. These include filters, coil springs and engine mountings.

Febi has the solution

In Renault 1.6 16V (K4M) engines, including the Laguna model, the camshaft gear or the dephaser pulley, responsible for the adjustment of the variable timing, sits on the intake camshaft. The camshaft gear frequently suffers from early failure, which becomes noticeable due to a loud knocking noise.

Febi bilstein is currently one of the only suppliers in the automotive aftermarket to offer a complete kit (febi no. 36444) which, in addition to the timing belt kit (febi no. 36300), also includes the camshaft gear (febi no. 36415) and the water pump (febi no. 21239). This combination enables a quick and professional repair, all under one part number, avoiding the need to place multiple orders. This saves time and money for both workshops and customers!

Febi also supplies all the components in the set separately and are all of OE matching quality.

Replacing the camshaft gear at the same time as changing the timing belt is recommended. Failure of the dephaser pulley can lead to engine management problems.

The full range of Renault parts can be found on febi Live! Its online catalogue makes it easy to find the parts you need. Sign in or register, here.

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