How to diagnose and fit a defective transmission mount

How to diagnose and fit a defective transmission mount

Exposed to excessive vibration and high load levels during drive-off and gear shift, transmission mounts are prone to wear out quickly, thus requiring frequent replacement. Therefore, repair professionals are well advised to perform a transmission mount functional check as part of their repair routine.

Whether or not the mounts require replacement can be assessed by visual inspection and/or checking for noise. In their latest YouTube video on “MEYLE TV” the “MEYLE Mechanics” explain how to pinpoint a defective transmission mount and why it should be replaced.

Using the MEYLE-HD transmission mount (MEYLE ref. 014 024 1100/HD) to fit Mercedes-Benz C-, CLK-, CLS-, E-, G-, S-, SL- and SLK-Class models they also demonstrate the part’s operational principle.

The special feature about this part: Unlike OE designs where different components must be used depending on the engine type, the engineering team of MEYLE has devised a stronger design to make the MEYLE-HD transmission mount suitable for use in a number of different vehicle models:

This means that workshops using the new MEYLE-HD transmission mount only need one type of spare part to offer repair services for several different types of car models. Offering a highly compact design, the part features a carefully formulated rubber material engineered to absorb vibration even better.

This way, transmission mount life is significantly increased which is why the part comes with an extended four-year guarantee, as do all items of the MEYLE-HD range. The reinforced design also makes this MEYLE-HD part a smart option for taxi fleet operators.

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