Wiper blade maintenance – 3 top tips

Wiper blade maintenance – 3 top tips

There are a number of things that you can encourage your customers to do, to ensure their vehicle’s wiper blades are maintained properly:

1. Replace worn and damaged wipers before weather conditions worsen and visibility has deteriorated to a point that safety is compromised. Eyestrain from poor visibility accelerates driver fatigue.

2. A regular inspection schedule will help avoid potentially dangerous situations. Cleaning the rubber element of the wiper blade when washing the vehicle removes any loose dirt and most road grime.

3. In icy conditions, ensure that ice scrapers are used when de-icing vehicles. Make sure vehicles are given plenty of time to warm up with the defroster on “high” to loosen as much ice and snow as possible.

Ensure all the ice has melted before using the wiper blades, as contact with ice could damage the blade and potentially reduce its ability to wipe the windscreen effectively.

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