What’s In A Warranty?

What’s In A Warranty?

DPFs and Catalytic Converters can fail for various reasons but, in many cases, it has little to do with the unit itself and will be due to another fault elsewhere within the car.

As a result, we believe workshops and factors need to be better educated about how to service and diagnose these key components in order to promote part longevity and best practice and to avoid unnecessary warranty claims. It’s particularly important to note, for both DPFs and Cats, failure to identify the genuine fault is likely to lead to any replacement unit experiencing the same problems.

Knowledge is power

Almost 50% of all of parts returned to us either have no fault, or have a fault that has been caused by the vehicle, meaning that we have a manufacturing defect rate of 0.67% – possibly the lowest defect rate in our sector. As with all things in life, knowledge is power. A better understanding of the parts and
how they are impacted by the vehicle and the environment leads to reduced administration from unnecessary warranty claims or dealing with returning parts, a quicker and more expert service for customers and, ultimately, increased profitability.filters

Our technical training sessions and helpline give users a greater understanding of why the DPF or Cat is being replaced in the first place. Empowering workshops to question, investigate and understand the cause of failure before returning a part under a warranty claim benefits all parties concerned and we’re currently in the process of developing an online training module, which will allow workshops better access to up-to date training material.

Warranty procedure

Our dedicated technical helpline supports our motor factor customers by “pre-screening” all warranty returns. This allows us to investigate the part for any obvious fault before a replacement is arranged, as well as providing the factor with advice in identifying potential vehicle faults. Our parts range is guaranteed with a minimum of two years’ warranty, covering all manufacturing defects, but not covering defects that have been caused by a vehicle related fault.

Our serial number system provides us with total visibility over the manufacturing and distribution process. When we receive a part back, our warranty inspection department is able to have complete traceability back to production, quality control, dispatch and ultimately an invoice number. This gives us
complete control over the quality of the components and processes we use.

To ensure that we retainfilters1 our reputation for supplying high quality aftermarket Cats,  DPFs and Front Pipes, we offer workshops a range of parts that have been manufactured using the latest technology, utilising the highest quality materials.

In order for workshops to help themselves reduce incorrect warranty claims and unnecessary remedial work, we’d urge them to speak to their motor factor about the product training we offer and to make use of our technical helpline whenever they need it.

For more information on the BM Cats range of DPF’s and Front Pipes, click here.

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