Techron: Fuel system cleaners

Techron: Fuel system cleaners

Today’s modern engines are at the mercy of many variables that could ultimately affect the overall performance and longevity of your customers’ cars.

The indifferent quality of the fuel available on forecourts, changing driving patterns of motorists and new types of fuel – including biofuel – all present the opportunity for deposits to be built-up on/in key components after prolonged use.

The result, for petrol engines, is that issues inside the combustion chamber can occur, while injector tips and valves can also suffer a similar fate. Diesel engines fare little better, with internal diesel injector deposits creating their own issues.

Based on over 35 years of work, and developed through parent company Chevron, Techron Concentrate Plus represents a significant breakthrough in the battle against fuel-related engine issues in petrol vehicles, while presenting a new servicing opportunity for independent garages.

The powerful additive – recommended for use as a service fix – features active constituents that oxidise deposits, causing them to dissolve into the fuel, before being burnt in the combustion chamber and exiting the engine as exhaust gases. This process is claimed to effectively clear critical components, allowing the engine to operate as the manufacturer intended.

Rigorous testing

Diesel vehicles are equally well supported in the shape of Techron D Concentrate, which has recently been introduced following rigorous testing in European fuels and engines. Just one treatment can clean diesel injectors, while combating internal diesel injector deposits. The result is a cleaner engine, which leads to better performance, lower emissions and maximum fuel economy.

Both Techron solutions utilise the latest ‘no harm’ cleaning technology to provide the highest levels of fuel system cleaning without damaging other sensitive engine parts or exhaust after-treatment systems, and can be used in new or high mileage vehicles.

The official European launch of both fuel system cleaners has seen the publication of independent test data that demonstrates the products’ effectiveness. Under the test conditions, carried out by Emissions Analytics – a leading independent emissions testing service – a range of three-year+ petrol cars saw an average improvement in fuel economy of 8.7%, while similar aged diesel models improved by an average of 7.6%.

Furthermore, the test data showed that petrol engines resulted in a 2.6% gain in peak power, with diesel engines clocking in with a 3.4% improvement. The corresponding average reduction in emissions also meant that the vehicles produced less CO2, with petrol engines generating 7.4% less and diesel engines 6.5% less.

James Welchman, European Marketing Manager of Chevron Lubricants, said: “These real-world tests were designed to replicate, as closely as possible, the experience of the average car owner when using Techron. The results speak for themselves.

“With one treatment lasting between 6,000 and 10,000 miles, most cars would only need a treatment once a year, which could be applied during scheduled maintenance.”






















The Technical Bit – How Techron works its magic

The journey to peak gasoline and diesel engine power and performance starts as Techron enters the fuelling system. It goes on to provide wide ranging fuel system and engine deep cleaning, including diesel and gasoline fuel injected cleaning.

Modern diesel fuel injection systems operate under high pressures, temperatures and extreme tolerances where even small deposits within the injector can block it and stop it working. These deposits are called internal diesel injector deposits and can lead to a number of issues, including vehicle hesitation or failure in starting.

Techron D Concentrate can remove these deposits, helping reduce the incidents of severe deposit formation where the only solution is to replace the infected injector units, which is costly, inconvenient and time-consuming.

Both gasoline and diesel fuel injectors can suffer performance problems due to deposits forming around the injector nozzle, caused by either the fuel itself or the combustion process. This affects the spray pattern of the fuel and reduces fuel flow, which, in turn, degrades the efficiency of the air-to-fuel mixture and decreases the efficiency of the engine, leading to poorer engine output, performance and fuel economy with increased emissions.

Techron deep cleans injectors, improving injector spray patter ns and fuel combustion performance. Deposits can also form on the inlet port valve, which restricts air-to-fuel flow into the cylinder and, in severe cases, can cause sticking of the valve, incorrect sealing and reduced engine compression as well as valve damage.

Techron can remove these deposits and, with regular retreatment, help customers avoid these problems. The power of Techron Concentrate Plus for gasoline engines also delivers ultra-high performance sparkplug cleaning to improve engine star t performance and increase the deliver y of smooth, reliable engine power.

The increase in engine power output, improved reliability and fuel economy is further optimised by combustion chamber deep clean performance in gasoline engines where combustion deposit formation can affect fuel mixing and can also cause pre-ignition run-off.

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